Work Wanted

Hello! I’m from the UK and am currently based in Canterbury. I’ve recently arrived in NZ and am desperate to get into Rodeo whilst out here. I understand that it is near the end of your season but would love to work with/train with riders out here. I’ve ridden horses in the UK since I was 4 and have worked with horses of all calibre in the UK. I’ve also been around livestock my whole life and have been a herdsman for the last few years. In my time in New Zealand I would love to work with sheep in particular; preferably shearing and lambing – I’ve sheared a handful of sheep in the UK but would love to find someone out here willing to give me a chance to get better & faster. I know that being a female can be a set back. I’ve experienced a lot of doubt in both the UK and Cyprus (where I lived last summer) but I can assure you that I am physically capable of completing any task a man can. I have rowed nationally in the UK and have always worked physical jobs. I love challenging myself and proving my doubters wrong! A few people have already told me that Rodeo is for (quote) "young, testosterone filled men” and that "women stick to barrel racing”, although I am interested in barrel racing after doing Gymkana as a child, I tend to get more of a thrill for the real thing. I’m more than willing to work harder than anything to achieve my dreams. I am a capable tractor/telehandler, stockwoman, farm hand, etc. Would you know of anyone who may be able to give me some work? Certainly winter is not the time to be looking for work in Rodeo but potentially on horse/cattle yards? I’d be more than happy to prove myself and am yet to find an employer who doesn’t keep me on. Thanks!

Phone 02102202114

Added 6 March