April Rodeo News

As editor of the Rodeo News,I missed Kim Brenigan's first paragraph in her Administration Directors report that was put in the Rodeo News. Please find below the whole report. My sincere apologies to Kim. 

Regards Helen McLean

A big congratulations must go to the Canterbury Rodeo Club for their amazing effort at putting together a well run National Finals, they did an outstanding job considering they didn’t have the fundraising, planning and organising time that most clubs have. Congratulations to all of our Open, Rookie and Junior champions, its not an easy road to winning titles.

A big thank you to all of the clubs that ran rodeos this season and the club members that volunteer their time year after year to make them happen.

On the administration side of things, the year has gone reasonably well. It was great to hear the feed back on the end of year book we decided to change to last year, there were a few people that were not keen on the idea but when the finished product came out I think it changed their minds.

We also cut down on the number of calendars we had made this year, as a result all of the calendars have been sold and no spare boxes are left sitting around to be thrown out, a good decision from a financial side also. I was extremely happy with how the Trophy Saddles turned out this year, having the NZRCA logo on them just took them to another level. We changed buckle providers also and they turned out great as well. This all just goes to show that change can be a good thing.

One of the disappointments for me this year is the members that cannot seem to put in any effort to get things done by a certain time, for example there are still people that cannot get entries in on time and rely on getting a late entry. There is no excuse for this, you have months to enter all rodeos using the form, then 10 days out from the rodeo you have 2 weeks to enter online. It creates a lot of unnecessary work for other people, is it a complete lack of respect or pure laziness? What is worse is our amazing secretary receives all of the abuse if the member cant get their entry in. Didee is incredibly lenient with all of us and does more then her fair share of work so its about time we all get ourselves sorted, deadlines are deadlines and if you miss out then its you own fault. This is not just limited the entries either.

As Shane and Micky T are stepping down from the board this year they deserve a huge thank you for their time, commitment and contribution to the sport over the last few years, there are not a lot of people willing to volunteer their time to being a director but people are quick to criticize those that do. Without board members we wouldn’t have a sport and if you don’t like what is happening then maybe you should consider standing for a directors position. We need competitors on the board.

For a majority of the time I have enjoyed my time as a director, unfortunately I am finding it to hard to travel to Outram for meetings with my little girl now so I am standing down, thank you to everyone that supported me while on the board and I look forward to seeing what the future Administration Director can accomplish.

See you all at the AGM


Kim Breingan

Administration Director