Barrel Race Clinic

15 – 16 December 2018
Evelino Rocha Barrel Racing Clinic

Take the opportunity to trainee with the faster barrel racer in the world. In 2017 during the WV Cup and Futurity there were 2,413 overall entries, he stood apart from the rest. He flew in the arena and ran 16.399 on the standard pattern. He ran the fastest time ever recorded on a standard pattern, barely edging out the great Brittany Pozzi with Kiss Kiss Bang. The clinic will take 2 full days, most part of time will be riding. Evelino likes to see the horse working to find the best way to help and improve it.

The World Record barrel racer is coming to NZ

The unique opportunity to do a clinic with the faster rider in the world.

All about his techniques to trainee and run the horses

Records are made to be broken!

Limited Entries


Canterbury Rodeo Ground

Mandeville - Canterbury


022 092 2412

16 & 17 of December 18