Fee for Scratching From a Rodeo

A fee of $10 per contestant per rodeo will be charged when you scratch. The exception is team roping where it will be $10 per team per rodeo.

It costs for each entry in the new on-line database, if you scratch the NZRCA still has to pay this. It then requires administration time to process this scratching.

On-line entry times are longer and closer to actual rodeos so there should be less need for contestants to enter ‘just in case’ they decide to go.

If you scratch from a rodeo the NZRCA will email you an invoice for this fee, you will have 21 days to pay. If you do not pay in this time frame you will become ineligible to enter subsequent rodeos.

This fee is a user pays charge and while unfortunate should encourage contestants to think and plan carefully before they enter. The Board hopes that the flexibility of the on-line entry system will ensure that scratching is not the normal practise of past years.