Membership Fees

 As of 1st September 2017 the following will apply

 Open Membership $320

Second Division Membership $140

Non-contestant Membership $140

Introductory $70

Junior Membership $50

Rodeo News Only $30


Day Membership $50 per rodeo

Judges fee $4 per event

Clubs will no longer be required to pay $50 per judge per day

All other fees and charges remain the same as previous years.

The Board recommended fee increases but the final level of increases was moved from the floor and voted in.

It was felt by all present at the AGM that an increase was needed to pay for the rising cost of running the association including implementing the new database and most importantly, fighting for the continued existence of our sport. We can no longer sit back and hope that everything will carry on as usual. Michael Laws has been contracted to run a campaign to promote and educate the wider community about all aspects of the sport of rodeo. He is developing resources and strategies for the NZRCA and clubs to use to tell the positive rodeo story and counter the false/fake propaganda that threatens our sport. These resources will also be used to attract and secure the sponsorship necessary to fund our rodeos.