Remits and Notice of Motion for AGM

1. Rope and Tie

14.27.8 14.27.9 and – Remove

Replace with


The Field Judge will qualify the tie of the calf once the roper remounts horse and steps horse forward, creating slack in the catch rope. If catch rope is not on the calf when tied, the tie is qualified once the roper has signalled the completion of the run stands up and is clear of calf. The 3 calf legs must remain crossed and tied to the Judges satisfaction. Once satisfied the Field Judge signals for the calf to be released. This is to ensure that the calf is roped and tied within 30 seconds. The time stops when the judge drops his flag.

Reason: to tidy up rule so that it reflects current judging

2. Constitution NZ Board of Directors

3.5 To be eligible as either a NZRCA Board member or a stand-in Director the person must be a current financial member.

Reason: to ensure consistency for election and appointment of directors

3. Contestant Membership Status

Contestant Membership Status. Once a contestant breaks open in one event they must buy an Open Contestant Card when they renew their membership at the start of the following season

Reason: to tidy up rule that was previously brought in

4. Constitution Membership and Affiliations

Amend 5.2

Any person wishing to make initial application for membership shall furnish to the Secretary a completed membership form and pay the first year’s subscription as fixed at the Annual General Meeting.

Add 5.2.1

Subsequent membership is obtained by payment of subscription prior to rodeoing. Payment of subscription shows that the member agrees to abide by the constitution and rules of the NZRCA, and any other relevant legislation. Provided that if a member's contact details change, that member shall give the new postal, email address or telephone number to the Secretary.

Add 5.2.2

The Secretary shall keep a register of Members, which shall contain the names, postal and email addresses and telephone numbers of all members.

Remove 5.5 and 5.6

Reason: many members have been asking not to have to complete membership form after initial membership and to tidy constitution so it meets Incorporated Society requirements

5. Selection of Stock

12.2.10 Contract calves must be used at all point award rodeos.

Reason: to ensure correct sized and trained calves are used

Discussion on if this rule would work or not, why some clubs are not prepared to use contract calves and what stops people from becoming calf contractors.


That Club Secretaries take no entries for all NZRCA points award contests.

Reason: interim rule brought in by board during year to be confirmed

Notice of Motion From the Board

1.Should the way of calculating points for titles for all events go back to being points rather than dollars

2.Possible application of Junior Administration Fee

REMITS PASSED AT 2016 AGM Up for Ratification

Remits That Were Amended Rather Than Ratified

Therefore, must be ratified at 2017 AGM

14.15.3 Rule amended to read- When contestants do not turn up or notify the Central Scratching System in accordance with 14.15.2, they will be liable to a fine of $100 per event. 80% of the turnout fine to paid to the club concerned when the fine is received from the contestant. In the case of the barrel race having splits or slack. The division must be even

14.28.14 All trading, between performance and slack/splits, to be done with the stand in barrel racing director or the timed even director. All trades must be notified and completed at least one hour prior to the start of the rodeo after this time they cannot take place.

14.23.2 Rule Amended to read- The advertised purse money is in excess of $1500 there must be two go-rounds or a long and short-go, with the exception of the team roping event where the advertised purse money must be in excess of $3000 before two go-rounds or a long and short-go must be run. Payout as per 14.23.4 - 14.23.7. Definition ‘Short-go’ - the final championship round, composed of riders who qualified by attaining the highest scores in the qualifying or long-go round matches.

Remits –To be Ratified at 2017 AGM

Rule 14.25.12

Amended to read

14.25.12 Contestants eligible for this rodeo will be the top contestants from the open standings in that event for that season, the number to be decided by the NZ Board.

Rule 17.2.1

Amended to include day secretary

17.2.1 When rodeo is cancelled on the day, due to 17.1(d) Club/Promotor is liable for gear hire and payment, and Judges and Day Secretary fees

Rule 11.1.1


11.1.1 That there be two head of stock only, except for the National Finals.

New Rule 12.4.33

Where a contest opts to use a non NZRCA member to aid/assist in their ride/run the contestant can be disqualified and/ or fined for any breaches of NZRCA rules or animal welfare code by that person.

New Rule 9.2.1

It is the judge’s responsibility to appoint a neutral suitable person to reinstate barrel to the correct position during the event if they cannot do it themselves.

Rule 14.13.10

Amend to read – When a junior event is offered, Junior Cardholders may compete only in that event. Any junior wishing to enter a second division or open event must apply in writing to the board for approval.

Rule 14.13.7 Break Open

Second Division to Open Standings. Contestants break open ‘per event’. When a Second Division member has won the break open figure for their event, they are deemed to be Open in that event only and remain Second Division in all other events. Current break open amount is Bull/Steer Ride $2500, Barrel Race $3000, Bareback, saddle bronc, steer wrestling, rope & tie, team roping $1500.

New Rule 14.0.3 CONTESTANTS

All contestants must compete unassisted, excluding steer wrestling hazer.

Rule 12.4.16

Amended to read. No locked rowels, or rowels that will lock on spurs or sharpened spurs may be used on bareback horses or saddle horses. Partially locked rowels may be used in Bullriding. Any abuse of this rule will leave the contestant liable to a fine and/or disqualification, at the discretion the Event Director, after consultation with the Judges. The fine being a minimum of $200.00



All barrel race contestants must enter the arena through the designated entry gate at the commencement of the run and leave through the designated exit gate. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


Competitors have a maximum of 30 seconds, once the arena is clear and the flag is up, to enter the arena.

Front and back cinch must be hobbled so that the back cinch runs directly down from the back dee and runs parallel with the front cinch.


Amendment to rule

...Violators of this rule 'may be fined $50 and/or be reported to the NZRCA Board.


All Clubs to have draws, and a day programme available on NZRCA website two days prior to rodeo.

Delete rules 14.18 -14.18.3 Late Fees