Warkworth Rodeo Petition




Thank you for helping support the Warkworth Rodeo!

Unfortunately The Auckland Council is wanting to stop the Rodeo from being on its present site, despite touting the Warkworth Showgrounds as a Multi Sports Complex. With your support, you can help keep the Warkworth Rodeo in its current format and location.

Did you know that the rodeo has been on this same site for over 44 years? The facility was built by club members and continues to be maintained by the club and its members with no funding or support from outside parties. It is free to use for the public for horse events, including the Pony Club, A&P Show and Western Riding groups. It is also a popular stop for horses in transit to stretch their legs.

The club also supports the Warkworth Community in many ways, being a venue for local fundraisers, supports the Local St Johns, and for many years has been a major fundraiser for the Warkworth Lions, amongst other groups supported. It has also appeared on screens both in NZ and overseas with several TV ads, TV series', and was even in a documentary called "Hunchin' down the Track" in 1980 when it hosted the Finale of the "International Rodeo Series" being filmed right here.

The Warkworth Rodeo Club is one of the few clubs in NZ that owns the majority of its stock, and looks after them to the highest of standards on its own property near Warkworth