Youth Development Manager Vacancy

At the Board of Directors meeting on the 2nd of February it was decided that if a suitable Youth Development Manager was not appointed then the Challenge to Australia and future clinics would not go ahead in 2019


Below is the task description and timeline for Youth Development for Rodeo in New Zealand. Applications for the role of Youth Development Manager should be made in writing to the National Secretary for consideration by the Board



This role is under the direct control of the NZRCA Board of Directors

All decisions are to be approved by relevant members of the Board



NZRCA Board of Directors – one director will be assigned as the direct liaison

NZRCA Secretary

Coaching Team as appointed by NZRCA Directors

All NZRCA youth with current membership and their parents or guardians

NZRCA Affiliated clubs chosen to host challenge or run clinics

Australian associations that host challenge

NZRCA appointed travel agent



Organise team uniforms as required in-conjunction with NZRCA Secretary

Organise sale of Calendars including assignment of responsible people in each island to co-ordinate calendar distribution, sales and collection of monies

Organise fund raising and sponsorship opportunities

Forward results, photos, reports etc. to NZRCA Secretary as soon as possible at conclusion of competition

Ensure that necessary paperwork is completed for clinics and challenges such as application, consent and entry forms. If requested by the Board paperwork should be signed and returned on time.

Ensure that income and expenditure is recorded and activities fall within monies available

All invoices for payment to be forwarded to NZRCA Secretary for payment



These will be run in each island but the Manager does not have to attend. They will be run with assistance from Board of Directors.

All current financial Youth should be invited and encouraged to attend

To be confirmed or organized if required – venue, coaches, catering, stock

Coaching clinics will be used to select representative teams. Recommendations for selection can be made to the board but the team will be selected by the NZRCA Board of Directors

If required funding can be applied for from the NZRCA Coaching and Development Fund


For Trip to Australia

The Manager will accompany the team and will not be expected to coach but can if able

Liaise with relevant Australian Assn regarding challenge dates

Organise airfares, accommodation, vans usually through travel agent

Communicate with travelling team members and their families from as soon as team is announced

Assign responsibilities to travelling adults such as coaching and catering

Ensure that costs are established well before trip and inform board so that invoices can be sent out

Plan catering and establish shopping lists

Set itinerary for each day of trip


For NZ Challenges

Organise venues for Challenge.

Liaise with host Club re stock, format, catering etc.

Organise Barrel and Breakaway horses for visitors

Organise accommodation options etc for visiting Australian team

Be responsible for team while assembled for Challenge.


Youth Development Timeline


Manager for coming 12 months to be confirmed by 30 Sept.

Nov run a coaching day in both North and South islands.

Depending on when the NZ challenge is, name team.

If NZ challenge is before end of Jan then name team by 1 Dec.

If NZ challenge is after 1 Feb name team 7 Jan (following Xmas runs).

Name team for Australia challenge at National Finals.

Coaching days run between 1 May and departure for Australia. May/June have island coaching days and July have a compulsory coaching day for all competitors to attend.

Numbers including support crew confirmed and tickets booked 60 days prior to departure.

Invoices sent immediately following confirmation.

(Alternative option is confirm names 75 days prior to departure, then ask for a $500 deposit to be paid within 2 weeks then tickets booked 60 days prior).



The team be selected by the entire board with advice from the coaches used at coaching days.


Selection Process


1. Competitors must be attending High School at the time of competition.

2. To be eligible for selection Competitors must nominate themselves by sending the selection panel/association secretary their latest school report card and application form.

3. All applicants must be actively involved in fundraising.

4. For selection – All selection to be based on the applicants ability to ride the animals that will be put in front of them.

5. Barrel racers and Breakaway ropers must be able to supply own horse and one spare for NZ Challenge


Also refer to rule book page 25, rule 2.3