Rodeo Associations (International)

APRA - Pro Rodeo Australia

he Australian Professional Rodeo Association (APRA) is the national governing body for the sport of Professional Rodeo in Australia. Founded in 1944, by a meeting of rodeo contestants in a Sydney coffee shop, the APRA has been setting the standards in Australian rodeo for more than 50 years.

PRCA - The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Legend has it that rodeo was born on July 4, 1869 when two groups of cowboys from neighboring ranches met in Deer Trail, CO, to settle an argument over who was the best at performing everyday ranching tasks. That competition is considered to be the first rodeo which evolved into rodeo as we know it today

CPRA - Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) is a non-profit organization that functions as the official sanctioning authority for the sport of professional rodeo in Canada. Established in 1945, the CPRA's headquarters are located in Calgary, Alta.

APRA - American Professional Rodeo Association

All-Around Saddle Sponsor
Attica Rodeo and Show Committee
Attica, NY
2008 APRA Rodeo of the Year

CCA - Canadian Cowboys Association

The Canadian Cowboys Association (CCA) sanctions over 60 rodeos across Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Montana for over 700 rodeo members competing in roughstock and timed events. The CCA is the largest semi-professional rodeo association in Canada.

PBR - Professional Bull Riders Australia

The toughest sport on dirt.
The rules are simple. Place a wiry 150-pound cowboy on the back of a hulking, snorting temperamental 2,000 pound bull and see if he can ride the beast for an eternal eight seconds...with one hand strapped to the bull's massive backside.

NPRA - Northwest Professional Rodeo Association

The purpose of the NPRA to perpetuate the sport of rodeo through continued growth in rodeos and membership, providing humane and competitive entertainment for the Northwest and California.

NPRA - National Professional Rodeo Association

The NPRA has the ability to work within your budget to provide a highly entertaining and exciting rodeo or a combination of Rodeo, Roughstock and Bull Riding events.

NHSR - National High School Rodeo Association

The National High School Rodeo Association is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the development of sportsmanship, horsemanship and the character in the youth of our country through the sport of rodeo. Created by Texas educator and rodeo contestant Claude Mullins, the NHSRA held its first finals in Hallettsville, Texas, Aug. 25-27, 1949. The NHSRA membership consists of over 10,500 members from 41 states, five Canadian provinces and Australia

PBR - Professional Bull Riders

In early 2007, Spire Capital Partners finalized a deal with the PBR Board of Directors to acquire the interests of many of the retired founding riders and invest in the growth of the organization.

WPRA - Womens Professional Rodeo Association

The Women's Professional Rodeo Association was formed in 1948 when thirty-eight cowgirls came together in San Angelo, Texas to create an organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of women in the sport of rodeo.