Scratching From a Rodeo

This is only to be used up to 72 hours before the rodeo after this time you must contact the Club Secretary directly. If you are entered into a rodeo and do not scratch then you are liable for a $100 turnout fine per event. 


If you wish to scratch from a rodeo then you text your membership number, name, rodeo and events you wish to scratch from to 027 282 5633.

There is a $10 scratching fee for every rodeo you scratch from. It does not matter if you use on-line or form entry. If you can provide evidence that you or your horse is injured this will be waived.


You will receive a confirmation number to show your scratching has been received.


Rodeo Date

On-Line Entry Dates

Scratching Date and Time


16 March

20 Feb - 2 Mar

13 Mar 8.00 am


17 March

20 Feb - 2 Mar

14 Mar 8.00 am