• The rope and tie contestant only has a maximum of 30 seconds and one run down the arena to complete this event.
  • Calves must weigh between 100 and 150kgs and be at least 3 months of age or older.
  • All equipment used must be in keeping with the NZRCA rules and regulations.
  • This event is open to both Male and Female competitors.

The event begins with the roper remaining behind a barrier in the starting box until the calf crosses a scoreline. (If the horses starts before the calf crosses the scoreline there is a 10 second penalty applied to the final time for the run).
The roper must rope the calf before it reaches the end of the arena, then dismount their horse, go to the calf and "throw" the calf by hand to the ground. The roper must cross and tie any three feet of the calf using a pigging string and the approved method of tying (i.e. one or more wraps and a half hitch).
Once the calf is tied the competitor must signal the judge, return to and mount their horse and step their horse forward so as to slacken the rope. The Judge will qualify the tie of the calf once the roper remounts horse and steps horse forward, creating slack in the catch rope. The three calf legs must remain crossed and tied to the Judge’s satisfaction. Once satisfied the Judge signals for the calf to be released. This is to ensure that the calf is roped and tied within 30 seconds. The time stops when the Judge drops his/her flag.

To "throw" a calf by hand refers to a animal handling method which is designed to prevent leg injuries to the calf. The method involves lifting the calf up off the ground slightly, swinging the legs outwards so the calf lands squarely on their side on the ground with its legs still extended outwards. This ensures the calf cannot trap a leg underneath their own weight which could result in an injury. As the arena surface is grubbed up to a depth of up to 10cm, the dropping of the calf onto the ground does not cause any discomfort or injury to the animal. If the tie comes loose or the calf gets on its feet before the tie has been ruled a legal one then the roper will be marked "No time".

Any competitor who mishandles their slack (rope) in such a way as to bring their calf down in too severe a manner, or treats their calf too harshly in any other way shall be disqualified.