• Steer Wrestling contestant has a maximum of 30 seconds and one run down the arena to complete this event
  • Steers must weigh a minimum of 275kg and have at least 150mm of natural horn
  • All equipment and how it is used must be in keeping with the NZRCA rules and regulations.
  • This event is open to Male contestants over 15yrs of age.

The Steer Wrestling event begins with the contestant and his Hazer in the timed event box. The contestant has a rope barrier placed in front of them which is attached to a release mechanism which the steer releases as it leaves the chute.
Note: the role of the Hazer is to ride on the opposite side of the steer to the competitor to help keep the steer running straight down the arena (they do not participate in the steer wrestling in any other way).

As the steer leaves the chute and releases the barrier pin the competitor and hazer follow and seek to get alongside the steer. If the competitor leaves the timing event box before the barrier pin is released by the steer (depriving the steer of its head start) a 10 second time penalty applies to the final score of the competitor.

Once alongside the steer the competitor reaches out for the steer and takes hold of its horns and slides off his horse to the ground.

He then rotates the steers head back towards the steers shoulder so that the steer will lie down on the ground of its own accord.

The steer must be flat on its side with all four legs extended on the same side before the official time is taken.

The contestant has a maximum time of 30 seconds and one run down the arena to complete this event, if the steer has not been wrestled to the ground within this time frame the contestant receives a "no time" result.

How a rider can be disqualified:

  • if he attempts in any way to tamper with steers in the chute
  • if steer is not thrown on the side from which it was taken
  • if the hazer renders any assistance to the competitor
  • if the steer gets loose, the wrestler may take no more than one steep to catch it
  • steer must be caught from on the horse

Notes: The Steer Wrestling event is also available as a Second Division Event to Male contestants over 15 yrs of age. The same rules apply for both Open and Second Division contestants