• Team Roping contestants have a maximum of 30 seconds and one run down the arena to complete this event
  • Steer weight to be between 275 and 350kg. Horn wraps* to be used on all natural horns.
  • All equipment and how it is used must be in keeping with the NZRCA rules and regulations.
  • Fastest qualified time wins the event.
  • This event is open to both Male and Female competitors.


A rope barrier is placed across the front of the header's box that gives the steer a head start. If the header takes off too early and breaks the barrier, then the team is given a 10 second penalty, which is added to their final time.


The header is the first to rope and attempts to catch the head of the running steer and then dally up* their rope to the horn of the saddle.

There are three types of catches that are legal in team roping and they are: around both horns, around one horn and the head or around the neck.

Once the header has made a catch it's then the heeler's turn, the header turns the steer so that its hind legs are facing the heeler who then attempts to rope both hind legs. If the heeler only catches one leg then a 5-second penalty is added to the team's final time. If the heeler ropes one or both of the front legs in the catch then it is not a qualified run.

After both catches are made the run isn't complete until there is no slack in their ropes and the horses are facing each other. Fastest time wins!
The Team Roping event is open to both Male and Female competitors over 15 years of age.


How a rider can be disqualified:

  • steer must not be handled roughly at any time
  • if Header jerks the steer off its feet or steer falls before it is heeled
  • if catch is illegal (i.e not caught by the three types of catches mentioned above


Notes: The Team Roping event is also available as a Second Division Event to Male & Female contestants over 15 yrs of age. The same rules apply for both Open and Second Division contestants

*Horn Wrap - is a protective head wrap worn by all steers with natural horns in the Team Rope event to prevent any harm or discomfort to the base of the horns. The wrap prevents any type of rope burning or other type of horn injury.

Dally - to dally up is to wrap the rope around the horn of the saddle as the steer is roped, rather than the rope being attached to the saddle horn prior to the rope being thrown (a tied rope). No tied ropes are permitted in the Team Roping event.