Tua Marina Rodeo 25th February 2018

Calf Ride:

1st Ben Mapp

2nd Sheldon-Ruby Williams-Kelsey

3rd Maisie Broughn

4th Maddison Carson


Junior Steer:

1st Shay Gerrard-Smith


Barrel Race:

1st Claire Smith

2nd Scarlett Sheridan

3rd Alison Mee

4th Candace Mason


Saddle Bronc:

1st Jared Mee

2nd Aaron Cleaver


Steer Ride:

1st Equal Kuki Wickliffe and Cody Milton

3rd Brian Lechbrook

4th Geoffrey Simcox


Bull Ride:

1st Bryan Batt

2nd Equal Cody Milton and Wyatt McAughtrie

4th Aaron Cleaver