Logic Behind Positional Draws

Logic Behind Random Positional Draws Using Rodeo Association Manager (RAM)


The "randomness” algorithm in assigning the draw is as follows:


Step 1: Contestants are entered into the event using online entry or directly into Rodeo Association Manager (RAM). RAM provides choices for doing draws such as random, reverse order or as entered. At the time assigned (either 72 hours before rodeo start or as directed by club) the National Secretary does a random draw for each event.


Step 2: RAM counts how many entries there are in an event. For the remaining example we will assume we are drawing Barrel Racing and there are 45 Barrel Racers.


Step 3: RAM randomly selects a number from 1 to 45. (Remember we are assuming 45 contestants) For the remaining example we will assume, the random number selected is 27.


Step 4: RAM then selects contestant 27 on thelist. (Remember 27 was randomly selected). Another random number is then selected between 1 and 45. For the remaining of the example we will assume 8. Contestant #27 on the list will have draw position 8.


Step 5: RAM then selects contestant 28 on the alphabetical list. Another random number is selected between 1 and 45 excluding 8. (Remember 8 position was given to contestant 27) The random number selected is 17. Contestant 28 on the list is now 17.


Step 6: RAM continues to assign numbers for contestants 29-45 then 1-26 until all position numbers are exhausted.


Step 7: "THE MN Special” is applied. Because of all the complaints of the randomness of the draw the draw is UNASSIGNED leaving an UNalphabetized/Random list. The random order is AGAIN assigned staring with Step 3.


So, at the end of the Algorithm the randomness has been selected 4 times. Or the alphabetized list has been "shuffled” as in a deck of cards 4 times. In the algorithm, the contestant name is never part of the equation.


These positional draws are then emailed to the club and contestants as well as the day secretary for download into Arena Manager which is then used to run the rodeo.