20 March 2018



20 March 2018


Lyal Cocks – President

NZ Rodeo & Cowboys Association



NZ Animal Law Association determined to overturn democracy

with legal stunt to challenge our rodeo sport

Tomorrow (21 March) at a staged media conference, the NZ Animal Law Association will announce their latest stunt to challenge both the law and

parliamentary democracy, by seeking to have the High Court rule that rodeo is illegal.


" It is an absurd attempt to exploit a perceived loophole in animal welfare

legislation. Despite the government properly announcing an independent

review of some rodeo practices, these activists want to impose their

misguided beliefs upon our sport and Parliament.”


" In other words, having failed to convince Parliament they now

seek to frustrate it. It’s just another misguided stunt from this sector.”


The NZ Rodeo and Cowboys Association not only reject this attempt as absurd but as "a clear attack upon the way in which we make law in this country.”


President Lyal Cocks said that he doesn’t believe any such loophole exists given the actions of both the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee in 2014, an independent parliamentary select committee inquiry in 2016, and significant overview by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) at rodeo events since.


" We have had an amazing season of rodeo attended by literally tens of thousands of New Zealanders. The few animal activists who protest have maligned our sport, our administrators and our athletes.


" Having failed to convince the new government that we are doing anything wrong, illegal or inhumane, these activists now announce their intention to try the back door. It’s a clear sign that that their misguided stunts to scare and sensationalise have failed.


” All they will achieve is a colossal waste of taxpayers’ monies. It would

be the Crown who is the defendant in such an action.”




President Lyal Cocks

NZ Rodeo & Cowboys Association

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