9 November 2018

9 November 2018






The laying of a private prosecution against a former rodeo stock contractor, by the NZ Animal Law Association, "has all the appearances of a money-making, publicity stunt” says NZ Rodeo & Cowboys president Lyal Cocks.



" Everything about this announcement is suspect,” says Mr Cocks.


The incident occurred over 20 months ago, and it was thoroughly investigated by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). In June 2017, MPI issued a formal warning to the individual involved saying that prosecution was not warranted.


" Now, 17 months later, this animal activist organisation decides to take a private prosecution. Why this incredible time delay?


" One can surmise because the organisation is clearly anti-rodeo, and it’s the start of the new rodeo season. In addition, the association is actually using this prosecution to raise funds for itself, so It actually has a vested financial interest in taking this action.


" Despite being supposedly full of lawyers and law students, its publicly petitioning for funds to take the prosecution.”


Mr Cocks said that animal welfare changes made by NZ Rodeo for this season, and a sensible recent overview of rodeo practices by the independent national animal welfare committee, "has obviously upset animal activists.”


" Stunts and outrageous claims are their new stock in trade. Incredibly, they claim in their media release announcing the private prosecution not to be "anti-rodeo” but last year produced a report saying that our sport should be declared illegal!”

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